Our Agents Are Here to Help You Build Your Company

We monitor every call that is made to ensure that the quality of every call exceeds your standards. We can offer daily, week;y, or monthly reporting and can customize the reports to fit the client's needs. We have several different reporting areas such as average speed of answer, service levels, save rates, agent quality scores, and average handle time. All of these different reports help us to understand ways that we can better serve you and your customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of each call taken and want to help your customers have more positive experiences with your company.

Are you looking for a rewarding job in the customer service field? ASK Telemarketing can help improve your skills in customer service. Apply below to begin your journey as a customer service representative.

ASK provides our employees with a positive, family environment

ASK was established in 1992 to help our customers grow their businesses

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